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#ClimateHungerStrike next update

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Dear Supporters,

Overnight, I got a message that the Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations is aware of my #ClimateHungerStrike and "watching closely". That's really big news. The leader of the United Nations, and the man who has said Australia must do more, know's what's happening and that Australians are behind me in saying our Prime Minister must do more!

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help. I'm up to almost 4,000 signatures now on my petition and hundreds of people have also told me that they've emailed Prime Minister Albanese to tell him enough is enough. That we are entering climate collapse. And that he and the Government need to take responsibility.

Personally, I am slowing down but I feel strong. It's getting harder to talk without getting breathless. But my mind is still clear and my determination is like a rock. I am spending most of my time sleeping in my swag to save energy. If you're in Canberra and come to see me and I'm asleep, please take a selfie and post it to your socials. I don't care if I need to be a human billboard for climate action. That's why I'm here.

Yesterday Allegra Spender and Sophie Scamps both came to see me. Both of them told me they're doing their best. I told them that I know that they and the rest of the independents including my representative in the Senate David Pocock are. The CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation Kelly O'Shannassy also came to extend her support.

If you haven't already, please ask as many people as you can to sign my petition to Prime Minister Albanese and share it with their friends, family and community. I saw the PM was tweeting selfies with stuffed animals in Parliament House. But to be frank, we're all going to be stuffed if he and Peter Dutton don't get serious and work together to address climate collapse early. I still haven't heard anything from him or his office. And I can't get through on the phones. They just go the answering machines.

Here's a link to my petition. Please share widely with everyone you're connected to.

And here's a link to how you can write to the Prime Minister and ask him to show the courage he needs to.

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