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Please help me again

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Good morning,

Thank you again for signing my petition. Today is day 12 of my climate hunger strike. I know I'm starting to make a difference. Over 3,500 of you have signed my petition. I'm determined to solider on and won't give up.

The Prime Minister is back in Canberra today. Something else really valuable that you could do today is take a few minutes and write to PM Albo to tell him that you're behind me 100% on the need for our government to take the action that's needed for Australia and all countries to have a safe future. I've put some links below for you to use to contact the PM.

I don't want to tell you what to say. It could be something as simple as the words below:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am deeply concerned with the inadequate approach to climate change that the Government is taking. Climate change is no longer a future threat. It's an emergency that's happening now. The UN Secretary General is describing it as climate collapse.

I am deeply concerned that Gregory Andrews has been driven to undertake a #ClimateHungerStrike outside Parliament. I am concerned for him. But I am also concerned for my future, Australian's children and all eight billion people on the planet.

Please Prime Minister, listen to what Gregory Andrews is calling for. Show him and all of us you are the Prime Minister we need you to be.

Here's link to the PM's contact page. You can write your own letter, or cut and paste the suggested wording from above.

Thanks again for your support. It means the world to me.

For our kids and country,

Gregory Andrews

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