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Updated: Nov 9

The world is entering climate breakdown but Australia is caught in denial, delay and distraction. The Federal Government is still focused on spinning a good story. But in reality, its climate policies are weak, inadequate and contradictory. Australia must shift swiftly to meaningful action; the costs and lost opportunities of not doing so are already too high.

I want to grow old on a safe planet. And I want my children to have a positive future. But our emissions targets are too weak. Notably, Australia stands as the third-largest fossil fuel exporter in the world. If emissions keep growing like they are, Canberra will be like Saudi Arabia during my lifetime. Things will be even more catastrophic for my children and future generations.

That's why I am on a #ClimateHungerStrike. I won't eat anything and I will sit here outside Parliament House every day until Prime Minister Albanese commits to:

  1. Ending Australia's perverse fossil fuel subsidies;

  2. Ending Australia's massive coal and gas exports;

  3. Ending destructive native forest logging;

  4. Including climate impacts in Australia's environment protection law; and

  5. Releasing the Office of National Intelligence Climate Risk Assessment Report.

In September, I personally reached out to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about the immediate necessity of climate action. I wrote of my profound concerns regarding the escalating climate crisis and the looming, irreversible threats it poses to our environment, economy, society, and national security. The implications of climate change place every Australian's well-being in jeopardy, both now and in the future. I implored the Prime Minister to take swift and decisive measures to address this pressing issue. I got a standard reply with cut-and-pasted talking points. I also wrote to the Environment Minister but she didn't reply.

Many thousands of Australians share my concerns about climate collapse but the government is at best treating climate change as a future emergency. This is why I've made the resolute decision to undertake a #ClimateHungerStrike. I will abstain from consuming anything except water. I will be here at Parliament House every day until my demands are met.

People close to me know of my determination and willingness to make personal sacrifices in the name of justice. I am unwavering in my commitment. I will continue this hunger strike until the Government takes the action that Australians and all of humanity deserve.

You can support me by signing by signing and sharing my climate change petition here.


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