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The world is on the brink of climate collapse. Billions of people will die from heat stroke, starvation and fossil-fuelled disasters in our lifetimes if we don't take real and fast action. But Australia is still digging up coal and chopping down forests. I want my children to have the same future and opportunities as the decision-makers in Parliament House today. That's why during my #ClimateHungerStrike I called on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to commit to real action. And why I invited Australians to join me in calling for a safe future and to sign my petition. I secured over 5,400 signatures which I am now seeking to present to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. So far he's been ghosting me, but I recently spoken with his electoral office and I hope he will accept it.  

Climate Action Petition

Dear Prime Minister Anthony Albanese,

As signatories of this petition, we call on you to take real and urgent action on climate change. Climate change is no longer a future emergency. The science shows there's no more time left. The world is entering climate collapse and Australia needs to act. We are the world's third largest exporter of fossil fuels and a Top 20 emitter domestically. The costs and lost opportunities of delay will be too high. We call on you to announce a climate emergency and:

  1. Stop subsidising fossil fuels and redirect these resources to climate action and adaptation,

  2. Commit to an urgent phase out of Australia's massive coal and gas exports,

  3. End native forests logging,

  4. Update Australia's key environment protection law, the EPBC Act, to includes climate impacts, and

  5. Immediately release key details of the Climate Risk Assessment which outlines the national security risks we face.


Without real and effective action on climate change, large swathes of Australia will be uninhabitable during our lifetimes. We can't leave a dangerous and decimated planet for our children.  You must act now.   ​

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