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NDIS gives more than it costs

Updated: May 4, 2023

I support the National Disability Insurance Scheme because I believe in compassion, human dignity, social justice and diversity. It supports the lives of millions of people across the country living with disabilities. Everyone in Australia is directly or indirectly affected by disability. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 4.4 million people, or close to one-fifth of our population, have a disability. And all of us have a family member, friend or loved-one who lives with a disability. It's because of this that the NDIS also makes strong economic sense. It puts back into our economy much more than it costs.

The NDIS is a good investment in Australia and our future. It invests in our human capital. By providing funding support and services, the NDIS helps people with disabilities to participate fully in society and contribute to our economy. This not only benefits individuals with disabilities but also the wider Australian community. Every dollar invested in the NDIS is estimated to return at least $1.30.

The NDIS has a positive impact on education and employment for people living with disabilities. The NDIS helps people with disabilities to gain the skills and experience they need to enter, stay and contribute productively in the workforce. This improves their individual financial well-being and benefits the whole economy by increasing the size of the labor force and productivity.

The NDIS helps people with disabilities to live more independent lives, This reduces the burden on carers and the healthcare system and translates into further economic savings. Informal care often results in lost productivity and income for family members who are unable to work or who have to reduce their work hours to provide care. Disability services funded through the NDIS help reduce this lost productivity and increase economic output.

Finally from an economic perspective, the NDIS directly creates jobs. It has generated tens of thousands of new jobs in the disability services sector. These jobs are not only good for the individuals who hold them and their immediate families and communities, but also for the Australian economy. They generate tax revenue and boost consumer spending.

If I were to search for valid critique of the NDIS, it would be that its funding is insufficient and unsustainable. Long waiting lists and inadequate support for individuals, and projections of bigger funding shortfalls into the future are what people should be worried about.

Image: Australian National Audit Office.

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