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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Yuma! As they say here on Ngunnawal County in Canberra.

The medical staff at Canberra Hospital have just told me I'm allowed to go home on the condition I take it easy! I've promised them I will. I pushed my 55 year-old my body to the limit. But not too far. I've just eaten a cheese and coleslaw sandwich on brown bread. Now it's time to go home, rest and spend time with my precious family.

While I might be recuperating, rest assured I'm stubborn like a wombat. I'm not going to give up on holding Prime Minister Albanese to account. He'll be jetting back in here to Canberra on 27 November for the next Parliamentary sitting block. I will be waiting.

As an update, I've written again to Albo. This time to let him know that I want to meet him and hand over my petition. I hope he has the courage to meet me and accept it in person. I've already got well over 5,000 names. So if he won't engage, he won't be just ghosting me. He'll be ghosting the thousands of people who've made the effort to sign and share it.

While I will have a lot of printing to do at Officeworks over the coming week, I do know we can get even more names. So please, sign and share it as widely as possible and ask all your friends, family, and community groups to do the same.

Finally, although I promised the medical team here that I will rest over the coming week, I've got one small job left to do. A bloke called Evan has come up from the NSW south coast and started a rolling #ClimateHungerStrike on the lawns of Parliament House where I was. He's the Deputy Mayor of Shoalhaven Council. So this afternoon I'm going to duck down to Parliament House to give Evan my blackboard and update it to Day 18! When passing the baton on, I will also ask Evan and anyone else who takes it up to be please careful and not push their bodies too far. I almost did.

Thank you everyone. I know my hunger strike was worth it. I know we've started something. As Paul Kelly wrote and sings to eloquently, "From little things big things grow".

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