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#ClimateHungerStrike Update and Thanks

I'm almost at the end of my first week of my #ClimateHungerStrike and I've already got more than 2,000 signatures. And I've reached hundreds of thousands of people on my social media channels. Thank you to every person who's signed the petition. And equal thanks to the hundreds of people who are messaging me, sharing my story and coming up to Parliament House to say hello. You give me strength and determination. So please keep it coming. Come and sit with me if you'd like. I'd welcome that.

I won't stop until the Australian Government gets serious about the climate action needed for a safe future for our kids, country and planet. Read more about my demands here.

Please help me get 200,000 signatures! Share my posts and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign and share my petition. We don't have to accept climate catastrophe. Let's come together and tell the Australian Government we can have a safe future.

PS: lots of people have been asking for logistical details about my hunger strike. So here's some details. The last time I ate something was desert on Wednesday 1 November. I had three Gulab Jamun from Rama's Indian in Pearce. I reckon it's the best in Canberra. Since then I've only been drinking water, to which I occasionally add salt to keep my electrolytes up. I sleep at home in my bed because Parliament House doesn't allow overnight protestors. My wife and my teenage son drop me and my dog Fred off at dawn and pick me up at dusk each day. And Yes, Fred is fed. He usually gets raw chicken necks from Aldi for breakfast and some dried dog food with an egg for dinner. The Federal Police have been amazing and often offer to fill up Fred's water bowl.

Special thanks to my friend and professional photographer Fiona Bowring for taking so many amazing photos for me. You can listen to this ABC Canberra story to hear from Fiona about her work. You can also find her on Instagram.


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