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Climate action and community

Updated: May 4, 2023

This weekend my family hosted a #ClimateAction open day and shared with our neighbours how going zero emissions had earned us $1,300 on our latest energy ‘bill’. A co-benefit was coming together as community and connecting over a cuppa and home-made apple cake.

Our neighbours were interested in the benefits of electrifying household gadgets. We demonstrated how last year we electrified everything, cut the gas off and covered our roof with solar. So far this year we’ve produced 170% of the energy we use.

Different people in our street are doing different things, and we were all able to share experience and ideas on things like solar panels, battery storage, electric lawn mowers and power tools, heat pump hot water and air conditioning systems, EVs and induction stoves. Cellular blinds were also a particular hit – from style and energy efficiency perspectives.

If you’re interested in taking steps towards a zero emissions and sustainable lifestyle, download the Andrews Family’s Factsheet we shared with our neighbours. And maybe run your own neighbourhood event. The apple cake was made with urban foraged apples and it was solar fired. Here’s the recipe.

Phil was an electrician and reminded us all that in the early 1900s electric cars were more popular than fossil-fuelled cars. We both agreed there will be lots of jobs in the electricity sector as the world electrifies everything and transitions to renewables.

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