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Celebrating a Milestone: National Capital Authority Reconciliation Action Plan Launch

Today, I enjoyed a milestone moment attending the launch of the National Capital Authority's (NCA) first-ever Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which I had the privilege to co-design and draft last year. Developing this important commitment to Reconciliation was one of the first contracts Lyrebird Dreaming was awarded when I established it back in 2022.

The NCA is in charge of the vibe of Canberra as our national capital. So this RAP is not only a significant step for Reconciliation and decolonisation on Ngunnawal country, but is also symbolic nationally. After leading co-design and drafting of the RAP with Maiawali woman Roslyn Hull, witnessing its formal adoption today was something to celebrate.

The RAP focuses on Reconciliation and decolonisation through measures like its pledge to increase use of Ngunnawal names and language in our National Capital. These actions are not just symbolic; they are crucial steps towards acknowledging and respecting the Ngunnawal people's long and deep cultural heritage.

Another major highlight is the commitment to empower the Aboriginal Tent Embassy through provision of essential services such as electricity, water, sanitation and firewood. This iconic site has long been a powerful symbol of Aboriginal protest, resilience, and sovereignty. Ensuring it has essential infrastructure is vital for respecting and supporting its ongoing significance.

For me, contributing to the NCA's first RAP has been an important part of Lyrebird Dreaming's development. And it reinforces my belief in the importance of Reconciliation and the need for real actions to support it. Attending the launch, surrounded by friends, colleagues and community members who share this vision, was inspiring. The NCA's former Chief Executive Sally Barnes and current Chief Executive Karen both deserve particular credit for their leadership on Reconciliation. And Roslyn Hull, in particular, deserves particular kudos.

Check out the RAP in full here on the NCA's website.

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