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Aboriginal inclusion on the Cooks River

My favourite projects at Lyrebird Dreaming Pty Ltd are those that involve both First Nations inclusion and environment protection. That's why I'm excited to be working with the Cooks River Alliance to co-design its first Aboriginal Community Engagement Strategy.

The Alliance brings together four different Sydney councils and Sydney Water to care for country on the river and make it better for communities. It wants to respect, include and preserve Aboriginal culture and knowledge on the River and has found a grant through Landcare to engage with Aboriginal mobs on how best to include them.

The Cooks River has been home to Aboriginal mobs who have looked after it since the Dream Time. Despite the impacts of colonisation, Kooris maintain strong cultural and spiritual connections to the River.

The Alliance knows it needs to include and engage more closely with Wangal, Cadigal and Gameygal mobs as the Traditional Owners of the Cooks River. And it wants to include and acknowledge other Kooris and Aboriginal mobs who have made the River their home. Aboriginal inclusion is the right thing to do. And it’s crucial for looking after the River.

Download this factsheet for more information about the project and to share with community who might be interested.

Artwork by Gregory Andrews (c).

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