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Why Queen Elizabeth Would Vote "Yes"

Queen Elizabeth II wouldn't have been eligible to vote in the upcoming Voice referendum. But if she were, I'm sure she'd vote "Yes."

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth demonstrated a consistent commitment to service and unity, and promoting understanding and cooperation among diverse communities. Her devotion to the Commonwealth, an association of 54 nations which includes Australia, underscored the importance she attached to fairness, inclusivity, and respect for all Commonwealth citizens, including Indigenous peoples.

The Queen valued heritage preservation. Her deep respect for cultural traditions aligned with the Voice to Parliament's acknowledgment of our rich Indigenous cultures and histories predating colonisation.

The Voice reinforces democratic principles by enhancing inclusivity and representation of Indigenous communities in decision-making. As a symbol of constitutional monarchy, supporting the Voice would have been strongly consistent with the Queen's values and role.

Queen Elizabeth was an extremely wealthy and privileged woman. But she liked to connect with the common people and understood the importance of addressing historical injustices. Supporting the Voice would have demonstrated her commitment to healing the wounds of the past and fostering reconciliation. These were values she championed during her reign.

Throughout her time as a global figurehead, Queen Elizabeth always emphasised the importance of unity and solidarity among the peoples of the Commonwealth. She would seen a "Yes" vote as contributing to unity within Australia through its inclusion of Indigenous Australians and promotion of walking together.

While traditionally bound by constitutional conventions, Queen Elizabeth adapted to changing times. She lowered the flag over Buckingham Palace when Princess Diana died despite that historically having only been done previously for the deaths of Sovereigns. The Queen would have supported the Voice as a reflection of her careful embrace of social and political change in Australia, and her acknowledgement and willingness to evolve alongside the peoples of her dominions.

In a hypothetical scenario where Queen Elizabeth II had a say in Australia's referendum, her "Yes" vote would have aligned with her values and legacy. And it would have signified her commitment to justice, inclusivity, and unity. Her support for the Voice would have carried great symbolic weight if she were still here. While the Queen would have voted "Yes" with me for the Voice, I'm not sure we'd see eye-to-eye on wearing Adidas slides in public or having a Schnoodle rather than Corgi for a pet.

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