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The Voice is a pathway to unity not division

Some critics of the Voice to Parliament argue it would be racist and divisive. But this opposition is based on misinformation and fear rather than a genuine understanding of the transformative power the Voice can bring. The Voice will be a catalyst for unity, empowerment, and Reconciliation.

A crucial benefit of the Voice will be the opportunity it provides to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations peoples. By offering a platform to express these unique perspectives and values, the Voice will ensure First Nations voices are not lost. Far from being divisive, the Voice will promote cultural pride, respect and celebration. This will strengthen bonds between First Nations and all Australians.

The Voice will not perpetuate racism. In reality, establishment of the Voice is a vital step towards rectifying structural racism and injustices endured by First Australians. Through an empowered Voice, First Nations can directly engage in decision-making, and advocate for policies that address socioeconomic disparities, health inequalities, and systemic discrimination. By bridging this gap, the Voice will help dismantle divisive legacies of the past and foster a shared commitment to Reconciliation.

Contrary to claims of division, the Voice is an opportunity for true collaboration and co-governance. It seeks to ensure that First Nations are consulted on matters directly affecting their lives, land, and resources. Listening to First Nations allows their unique perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom to be included. This collaboration will promote shared responsibility for Australia's future. It is not about creating "us versus them" but rather fostering an inclusive, equitable, and representative democracy.

By embracing the Voice to Parliament, Australia has the chance to build a stronger, fairer and better future. The Voice provides a platform for genuine Reconciliation, dialogue, understanding, and the pursuit of shared goals. By working together, we can address the big challenges ahead and walk on a new collective path to a brighter future. #VoteYes

The National Gallery is custodian of the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, comprising over 7500 works. This dugong is one of my favourites.

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