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Petrol cars waste 80% of their energy, EVs use 89%!

Amidst the discourse on New Vehicle Efficiency Standards, there's a particular inefficiency that really stands out to me: petrol and diesel cars with their internal combustion engines. They have shockingly low energy efficiency. Petrol and diesel cars squander a staggering 80% of the energy we put into them. That means for every dollar of petrol or diesel pumped in at the bowsers, only 20c goes to motion. The rest is wasted as heat from the engine, noise and air pollution, and braking.

This inefficiency is not just an inconvenience; it directly hits petrol and diesel car drivers in the hip pocket and contributes to energy insecurity. It's clearly an important reason beyond the obvious climate benefits for a swift transition to EVs.

With their electric motors, EVs have far superior energy efficiency. For every dollar of electricity put into an EV, approximately 67 cents is directly harnessed for driving, with an additional 22 cents recuperated through regenerative braking. This means that 89 cents of every dollar is effectively utilised for propulsion. EVs are four times more efficient than their petrol counterparts!

The implications of this stark contrast cannot be overstated. By transitioning to EVs, Australia can dramatically reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, curb energy waste and reduce energy insecurity. Picture a future with cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a transportation system that uses a quarter of the energy that it does now. Oh, and imagine all the freed up money to help with cost of living pressures.

When it comes to renewable energy and electrification, a friend of mine often says "what's good for the climate is good for the wallet". That's certainly the case with EVs. Petrol cars only use 20% of the energy we put into them. They waste the rest. In contrast, EV's use 89% of their energy and this saves big bucks.

Fossil fuels and internal combustion engines have had their day!

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Dean Causbrook
Dean Causbrook
Feb 16

We are always going to be reliant on fossil fuels until they finally run out you need fossil fuel to build your EVs to mine your Lithium and to charge you overweight cars without petroleum you wouldn't have the tyres and other plastic components you need either or be able to import these vehicles into the country I hear GM ,FORD , and TOYOTA , have stopped production because no one is buying and if they ever get the infrastructure sorted we will have to build more coal fired power stations to accommodate its about time we went NUCLEAR but that's another story

Feb 16
Replying to

We would destroy human civilisation, and probably go extinct, if we used fossil fuels until they run out.

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