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Celebrating success: I'm now Supply Nation Certified

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

As the founder and CEO of Lyrebird Dreaming Pty Ltd, I am thrilled to share that my business has just been upgraded to 'Certified' by Supply Nation - the highest level of verification. This important milestone brings me great satisfaction and pride. Supply Nation is Australia's leading directory of verified First Nations businesses. Its certification program promotes and supports Indigenous businesses like mine with enhanced visibility and opportunities for growth. The journey towards Supply Nation Certification has been a transformative experience for me and signifies Lyrebird Dreaming's commitment to First Nations development and empowerment.

First and foremost, achieving Supply Nation Certification has validated the hard work and dedication put into building Lyrebird Dreaming. It serves as a testament to the quality and integrity of my company's services. Being recognised and verified by Supply Nation at its highest level gives Lyrebird Dreaming a competitive edge and instills confidence in my business partners. They know they are working with a viable and reliable company that is genuinely 100% Indigenous-owned and operated.

Beyond validation, Supply Nation certification opens doors to a world of commercial opportunities. It connects Lyrebird Dreaming with a vast network of like-minded businesses, government agencies, and corporations seeking to engage with Indigenous suppliers. This expanded access to procurement opportunities will significantly increase chances of securing contracts and partnerships, driving more growth and sustainability and allowing me to employ and sub-contract more First Nations Australians. Additionally, the resources and support provided by Supply Nation are equipping me with important knowledge and guidance. This enables me to navigate business complexity with greater confidence.

As an Indigenous business owner, I believe strongly in contributing to economic and social empowerment of First Nations communities. Supply Nation Certification aligns Lyrebird Dreaming with a national movement seeking to address the historical disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians. Four of my favourite contracts - with Indigenous Rangers at Kiwirrkurra, Parliament House, the National Capital Authority and the Cooks River Alliance - all focus on these themes.

Lastly, the significance of Supply Nation Certification extends beyond commercial and professional recognition. It represents a connection to my values and identity as an Aboriginal entrepreneur. It reaffirms my commitment to preserving and sharing Indigenous knowledge and values more broadly. This is something woven deeply into the fabric of Lyrebird Dreaming.

I am truly grateful to everyone who has supported me on my journey over the past year in establishing and growing Lyrebird Dreaming into a substantive and sustainable 100% Indigenous-owned business. The company's growth not only reflects my values of hard work, resilience, and equal opportunity, but also the support, advice and mentoring I have received from so many people and organisations. I'm excited for what the future holds for Lyrebird Dreaming, its continued positive impacts in the business landscape and also its contribution to Indigenous empowerment and nature conservation which are my two key passions.

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